Ms. Lorenzo has assembled a compelling recollection of a difficult chapter of her life. For several years, every aspect of her life was touched by her husband’s addiction to alcohol, as well as the resulting chaos and struggle. Ultimately, however, this is a story of inspiration.

Ms. Lorenzo is not a clinician, nor is this book focused on the academics of dysfunction. Instead, this story captures her very personal experiences, as she moved through chaos and into a new way of being: honest, loving and aware.

Ms. Lorenzo shares her story, with grace, self-respect and humility. She readily acknowledges her anger, her fears and her role in contributing to the chaos that permeated her life. She also beautifully recounts her journey out of addiction, to peace and to the inspired life she now chooses to live.

This is not a “tell all about the alcoholic” story. Instead, this is a story that beautifully captures Ms. Lorenzo’s recovery process:
• her personal realizations of loss
• the impact on family and others
• the ability to focus on a new life, with or without the alcoholic, whether or not the alcoholic is drinking.

Most of all, this is a story of hope, closure, inspiration and new beginnings.
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